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VBA (Microsoft Word)


  • ESpell is a program for automatic correction of texts created with OCR.
  • It can also be used for various other correction tasks specific for languages that use extended character sets (for example: Slavic languages, German, Italian).


DHTML (Microsoft Internet Explorer)

ZVSee 2.6.1

ZVsee is picture viewer. It's very small.

download: hrvatski english


Delphi 3


D   o   w   n   l   o   a   d

doc & source & tiny exe that runs only if you have Delphi Runtime Packages installed much bigger exe that runs also if you don't have Delphi Runtime Packages

ParserZ 1.0.1

It's a fast parser that is useful wherever it's necessary to calculate the value of the same function many times for different values of arguments or parameters, for example for drawing graphs.

2000/07/04 ...  fixed the brackets bug

2000/07/10 ...  more functions added

2000/12/28 ...  release 1.0.1 published

ParserZ 1.0.1.zip (27kB)  

RenameZ 1.0.1

Very simple program for renaming multiple files.

  RenameZ 2.0


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